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Should I join “Just because I’m Irish?” No, you should join because you are proud of your heritage! Membership in ESFLEA allows you to join with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to professionalism and Irish fraternalism within the federal law enforcement and public safety community. Membership will give you the privilege of being able to reach out to other members throughout the United States and even overseas who, as an integral part of ESFLEA, are committed to rendering assistance to their fellow members. Membership will also give you an opportunity to advance your career goals through seminars and professional connections, and you will have the chance to fight for justice for Irish and Irish-Americans!


ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP is open to those of Irish descent who are currently employed in federal law enforcement and public safety positions. This includes those who are retired from such positions, as well as those who have resigned from such employment under honorable conditions and have reinstatement eligibility. As an Active Member, you are eligible to vote and run for elective office in ESFLEA.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is open to those who meet either, but not both, of the criteria for Active Membership. In other words, if you are a federal employee but are not of Irish descent, you are eligible for Associate Membership. As such, you are not eligible to vote or run for elective office; however, you can fully participate in all other ESFLEA functions and can assist running committees.


The ESFLEA MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group is closed to the public as an added benefit of membership. Once you become an ESFLEA member, you will be given access rights to the Facebook Group once you are verified by the gatekeeper. To get verified, e-mail the gatekeeper along with your first and last name.


Annual membership fees are currently only $20 (plus a one-time $10 application processing fee), payable upon application and subsequently every January.


To join ESFLEA, click on the link below and download the membership application, fill it out, submit it with your payment, and the ESFLEA will send you confirmation of your membership as soon as it is processed. Please note that you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to enable viewing and printing of the membership application. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, you can install it FREE from:

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